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Professional Power Flushing Service Covering Medway.

With having many years experience in the heating industry one of the services we are proud to offer is power flushing. Your central heating system is regularly collecting debris and sludge and it is this build up that can cause serious issues. A power flush just cleans the system from all this harmful build up.

Power flushing in Medway:

We use a very powerful power flushing machine which allows us to offer a professional and reliable power flushing service. If you’ve noticed cold spots on your radiator, a slow start up of your central heating system or noises from your heating system or boiler then it’s likely you need a power flush. A power flush will dramatically improve your heating system around the home.

What Is Power Flushing:

A power flush is a process that is used to clean a heating system. Over the years a combination of rust, sludge and other debris form and stick within your heating system and if left can seriously cause issues to the effectiveness and efficiency of your heating. A power flush tends to be the solution as it will clean the system of the sludge and rust build up allowing your system to run at full capacity.

Benefits Of A Power Flush

We only tend to do a power flush once a problem has been detected, however it is advisable to have one every few years to keep the system running correctly. A power flush will allow your system to run effectively and efficiently. Having a power flush will also decreases the chances of a fault within your heating system. A power flush can provide lower energy bills as your system doesn’t have to work as hard to function correctly.

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Noticed a drop in performance from your heating system? It is likely you require a power flush. We cover all of Medway including; Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham.

We offer a free assessment to determine whether a power flush can help you. To arrange call us on: 01634 681246 or email info@raileighheating.co.uk